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Hi! Thank you so much for visiting our store! We really appreciate your attention. My name is Maitê Machado and I’m the owner of Hengsy. I'm a Brazilian Mompreneur that is crazy about my family and passionate with what is beautiful in this world: starting from the wild nature, art, knowledge, creativity, and even the simpler (but richer) things of life, like the laughter of a child. Minimalist rookie, tough marathonist of Netflix, and health enthusiast. Before becoming an entrepreneur, my academical formation and work experience were in the Beauty Industry.

Maitê Machado Entrepreneur mompreneur Grateful OÜ

But now, my passion is to promote the good to people with my brands. Let me tell you how it all began: 

It was on 27 January 2017, when after almost thirteen years together, I saw for the first time my beloved cavalryman "fell off his horse" like that. His dear grandfather died after 89 years of an adventured and high enjoyed life. We all knew that this day would come, but it's always hard to let go of your hero. Mr. Floriano Hengist Corrêa was a passionate journalist, who inspired my husband with the love for history and the bravery to travel abroad and explore life. After his loss, my husband always tried to find something meaningful to honor the memory of Mr. Hengist, and I was touched by that.
One year after, my husband was assigned to a mission on Western Africa, and We (me and our one year boy Benny) followed him on this adventure. Before arriving here, I was completely terrified by the idea. Moving to an unknown country, speaking no French, with no friends, no relatives, carrying just our checked baggage and a baby… fear was overwhelming to me. We all have to face some situations in our lives that we have to take a leap of faith. So, even scared, I jumped. Now, I see that it was one of the best things that ever happened to us and I’m very grateful for that.
We first met at my grandmother’s farm, and since then we have a very happy life. I chose to marry him, knowing that his job would carry us to unknown places and situations. And for that, I had, like thousands of military families, to adapt my professional career to follow him. Now, as a newbie mom, I have to face the challenges of raising our child with good values, and also find time to deal with work. If you are in the same situation, you know what I mean. So during my pregnancy, as our Benny boy grew up inside me, a desire to be an entrepreneur thrived along on me too. But only now, after been struck by our concept of Hengsy, I was pushed to stop dreaming and press the start button. So I proudly found my company - Grateful OÜ - to give life to my designs. Soon, next to Hengsy, will come more brands and concepts to promote the good. And the guilty for all that is no one else but our baby.
Entrepreneur mom
    We love outdoor activities. We believe that contact with nature brings us good feelings and make awesome memories. Benny inherited our love for nature and outdoors. And we really appreciate and stimulate it. But he has a peculiarity that is very emblematic: he’s crazy about hats. But we didn’t find a headwear brand that could truly touch us deeply, representing our values and passion with horses and outdoors. Most of them are related to a specific equestrian activity, but not with the simple love for the wilderness and our noble friend. So, one day I decided to visit needy communities in Dakar. It was a touching experience. The hardest part was when we visited a very poor school. Education has huge importance for us, and to see those children learning in the worst conditions was very difficult. But at the same time, it was very inspiring to me. Because, despite all the difficulties, they were there studying fiercely. Refusing bravely to give up their dreams. Struggling to succeed. I left the school trying not to cry, wondering what could we do to help them. Times later, I got myself looking to my boy and his beloved trucker hat, thinking how could we teach him good values and raise him a good man. When I had this crazy thought: “His head deserves something with more meaning”. Et voilà. Struck me like a horse kick. Why not make a brand with deeper meaning? A brand that brings within the values we believe? Why not wear something inspiring on our heads? Throughout our history, the majority of the cultures reserved headwear for greater purposes, like crowns and Indian headdresses. I don’t know if it was the divine inspiration or just the heat of the sun, but everything made sense to me back then. Most of horse inspired brands are related directly to equestrian sports, and I would like a brand that could transcend the strength of our passion for every aspect of life. Inspiring us to be bold, no matter if we are riding a horse or a desk. We have learned that boldness leads us to greater things. So, I decided to develop a brand that could inspire good values and share them with the world.
I decided as well, as a gratitude for our brand idea and to honor our beliefs, to donate €1,00 for each product purchased here on our site, to institutions in Africa that improve education. Because we believe that education is one of the strongest tools to make real changes in our world.
School Dakar - Hengsy Hats Knowledge unbridles the mind
So, we decided to make simple design hats for you. But we hope that they would inspire you every time you wear it, with all the good things that my family had in mind for you when we were creating it. We hope that you will always remember to keep your heart untamed, like a stallion. Bridle your destiny. God bless you.
Be Hengsy.
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