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Boldness is within. And it leads us to greater things. We are all born with the craving to explore. But along the way, some of us forget that daring is in our nature. Sometimes fear, shame and stagnation break in our minds. Constraining us to be resigned with things we don't want for our lives.
We believe life must be lived boldly. And for us, there's no better symbol of boldness such as a stallion. For thousands of years, mankind has been using the Horse to inspire strength and freedom. Horses have great importance in our family. They have helped us to develop attributes that allow us to cope with the challenges of everyday life. We hope that Hengsy can do the same.
Our brand is not only for horse lovers but also for those who identify with our values. We have created our brand for people who believe, like us, that the best of life is out of the comfort zone. For those who dare, who discover, who claim their dreams, who do not allow themselves to be tamed.

Our Symbol

History bond us all. That’s why we decided to take from the ancient past a symbol that could bring centuries of importance and meaning. A symbol, that people just by looking would recognize something familiar, ancient and strong. Our symbol is inspired by a millenary tale of bravery and borderless strength: the legendary brothers Hengist and Horsa. Tradition lists that they have led the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes in their invasion of Britain in the 5th century. Hengist means stallion in old German, and it brings along the boldness, the wildness, the need for freedom within. We chose the Anglo-Saxon Runes (known as Futhorc too) “ᛖ” (Eh or ehwaz) and “ᚻ” (Haegl or Hagalaz) to compound our logo. “ᛖ” means horse, and “ᚻ” is related to the uncontrollable force of nature. Portraying the idea that to conquer, one must have an unbreakable spirit, as of a wild stallion.
We wish that our brand could make you feel this way. 


Our mission is to inspire people to explore life with boldness. We hope that our brand could encourage the ones who have this spark of wildness on their hearts, this love for nature, this need for conquering new lands and help them find their inner bravery to do it. Because we strongly believe that boldness is within. Our goal is to reach people who like to wear something that brings the values they stand for. We have searched inspiration on breeds of our noble friend to make our designs, and thus we have named them: The Hanoverian, Friesian, Holsteiner, Irish Hunter, Arabian Hisan and Hengsy - our new breed. 

Ride along with us!
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